Introducing Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush

May 13, 2017

Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |

“I love brushing my teeth & want to spend more time doing it”
— said no kid ever.

The fact is between Minecraft, YouTube Kids and running around IRL, chomper cleaning falls way down any kid’s list of Fun Things to Do Today.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
What if you could make brushing teeth more fun than Roblox?
What if you could get them to take the time to do it properly?
What if they wanted to do it on their own without having to start WWIII?
Enter Philips Sonicare for Kids — a bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush that will have your kids as obsessed with a shiny smile as they are with The Sims. Or that’s the plan anyway 😄

Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |

Philips Sonicare for Kids: Making Brushing Your Teeth Fun Since 2017

So, how does it work? Simple really: witchcraft.
Based on the fool-proof “if you can’t beat them, join ‘em” philosophy, Philips Sonicare for Kids turns brushing teeth into a game. Download the app, fire up the brush and you have everything you need to get your smallfry playing the game of polishing their pearly whites. Let’s show you how…

How to Use Your Philips Sonicare for Kids

Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |

Step 1: Unbox the device & marvel at the awesome gender-neutral covers available to customise your brush. Quickly hide the stickers of the fluffy character Sparkly so you can use them as bribes rewards down the track.


Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |
Step 2: Search for “Sonicare” in the App store / Google Play and download the Philips Sonicare For Kids app onto your phone or tablet for nada. Sync the Philips Sonicare toothbrush to your phone & enter in your kids’ name.


Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |
Step 3: Hand the phone over to your mini me and watch the magic happen.


Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |

Philips Sonicare for Kids Special Features

  • Two Kid-friendly Power Modes — with a 3-year-old and 9-year-old sharing the device using different heads, we had no complaints flipping with the two (appropriately gentle) power modes
  • KidPacer — wouldn’t this be handy when you’re trying to get them ready for school: fun sounds encourage kids to keep going the entire time to reach the dentist-recommended 2 minute time spent
  • KidTimer — OK, 2 min is a pretty big ask straight off the bat when you’re working with goldfish toddlers. The KidTimer slowly increases the brushing time over 90 days until you hit the 2 minute milestone

Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |

What You’ll Love About the Philips Sonicare for Kids

Honestly, what’s not to love about less hassle for parents more fun for kids! At our place, my girls were totally down with gentle feel of the brush on their teeth (other electric toothbrushes feel like sandpaper, apparently) and they both loved tapping to receive prizes from Sparkly in the app.


Hipster Mum x Philips Sonicare Connected |
Oh and those extra stickers? They came in handy when it came time to bribe encourage them to clean their room too. Win.


C  R  E  D  I  T  S


1 | Valentine’s Dress: Milk & Masuki


2 | Winnie’s Dress: Milk & Masuki


3 | Valentine’s Hat: Billie the Kid Apparel


4 | Winnie’s Hat: Billie the Kid Apparel


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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts from T2

May 5, 2017

Perfect Mother's Day Gift | Hipster Mum |


Diamonds. Caviar. Tropical island escapes 🌴

Most indulgences will send you stone cold broke 😫 But the perfect cup of tea?

Why, that’s something a little special that we can all afford 🎉


Perfect Mother's Day Gift | Hipster Mum |


And when it comes to exquisite tea-inspired Mother’s Day gifts this 14 May, T2 has you covered.

Choose from aqua, blue, coral or (my personal fave) lilac tea sets, lovingly designed to take any mum’s tea game from zero to hero.

As Boy George once famously declared: “I’d rather have a cup of tea than sex”.

And with extras this cute this Mother’s Day, I have to agree 🤣


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Super Fresh & Easy Family Dinner Ideas with Continental

April 21, 2017

Hipster Mum x Continental | @hipster_mum |

Confession: my two year old is a… tomato monster 🍅😆

Nope, she won’t eat carrot or potato. But those tiny sweet little romas? She. Cannot. Get. Enough.

Because she’s obsessed, our whole family is obsessed too. When we visit my uncle who grows tomatoes, it’s like Easter — everyone hunting around and marvelling when they find a ripe one — only better because we’re devouring food that’s healthy, nutritious and fresh.

Seeing that excitement and delight, I’ve always wished we could connect with tomato growers on our street or block who wanted to share. Enter Continental and Ripe Near Me.

Continental is famous for their incredible flavours and Ripe Near Me is an Australian start-up that connects home cooks with local growers of herbs, fruit and veggies.

Together, they offer a new way to explore, experience and enjoy food in a way that makes you feel good!

For us, that started by exploring the Continental website and finding a recipe that would work for our family. The recipes on the site are fantastic: simple enough for weekday meals, diverse enough to keep things interesting.

As a mum of a fussy 8-year-old and messy 2-year-old, I have some pretty specific things I’m looking for in our dinner these days:

  • Miss 8 is interested in veggie meals (less meat, where possible)
  • Miss 2 wants hold her food and is learning to feed herself
  • Mum wants something that’s healthy, quick and leaves minimal mess

That’s not asking too much is it? 😂

Corn Fritters ticked all the boxes. Even better: right there on the recipe page (bottom right corner) the Ripe Near Me app invited me to pop in my postcode to view the range of fresh fruit, herbs and veggies that are all, well, ripe near me.

Hipster Mum x Continental | @hipster_mum |

After entering my postcode, results popped up immediately, showcasing avocados, lettuce and (yay!) tomatoes all on offer from local growers.

Hipster Mum x Continental | @hipster_mum |

After collecting our fresh ingredients, the recipe was a cinch to whip up. The stock powder was an inspired addition: adding minimal salt (the recipe highlights Continental Chicken Salt Reduced Stock Powder) with maximum flavour.

In good news for my eldest daughter, a little birdie at Continental told me that they’ve just released a new vegetable stock powder (yay!) so soon we’ll be able to make these fritters and they’ll be completely vegetarian – with the extra flavour hit!


Continental x Ripe Near Me by Hipster Mum from Hipster Mum on Vimeo.

Hipster Mum x Continental | @hipster_mum | www.hipstermum.comHipster Mum x Continental | @hipster_mum |
Hipster Mum x Continental | @hipster_mum |


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