Vive Active Pilates Studio Warringah Mall

October 6, 2017

Vive Active Pilates Studio Warringah Mall Guy Leech


Newsflash: self care is important BUT it doesn’t have to mean candles and a bubble bath.

For me, self care is moving my body, going somwhere different, getting a million tattoos and dyeing my hair green.

Turns out I found all of this (OK, minus the tattoos and green hair) at a brand new local pilates studio, Vive Active at Warringah Mall.

Done pilates before? You’ll love that Vive Active specialises in group reformer classes — yep, we’re talking those torture-device looking machines that INSANELY tone your body but don’t wipe you out (unlike heavy-duty cardio).


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New to pilates? Well, imagine stretching each little muscle in your body and challenging it with tiny weights while hanging out in Studio 54. Vivie Active offers a crazy ride that improves posture, lengthens muscles but also keeps you entertained with killer music (Frank Ocean, Drake) and wicked lighting.

The studio was founded by Guy Leech, iconic Iron Man, who was struggling with wear and tear on his body after decades of competitive sport.


Vive Active Pilates Studio Warringah Mall Guy Leech


“I thought I’d seen everything in the world of fitness. But I was legitimately amazed by what Pilates was doing for me,” said Leech.

Vive Active is a labour of love two years in the making for Leech, who sees the opportunity in the age-old quest to make fitness fun.

“We learned a lot from Soul Cycle in the States, a workout isn’t just about boosting your body, it’s needs to be entertaining and offer a lifestyle that sustains you beyond the class.”


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With a killer Instagram account @viveactiveau and connections with health and wellbeing chefs and gurus, I can see Vive Active becoming a new source of self-care.

Besides it’s already worked one magic trick that makes me feel young: it’s brought me back to the Mall 😆



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