Hola! I'm Jade // Let's Celebrate Your Story

A bit about me: I'm a photographer, videographer, digital marketer and mum of 3!

I started my career in publishing (Marie Claire, Sydney Morning Herald) then switched to digital as social media manager for Sydney start-up, Shoes of Prey.

I've snapped Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Elle Macpherson - but my favourite clients are small business women who are building their dream.

More recently I've been sharing my social know-how through my Instagram account @hipstermumsocial - where I offer practical tips on personal branding, digital marketing, Instagram and more to help you supercharge your business!

There’s something very special about the work Jade delivers. We've worked together a number of times, and each time, Jade delivers expectational results that far exceed my expectations. Jade is a talented, creative, forward thinker and has the wonderful ability to take an idea from conception to execution with ease.

Jess @evocativemedia

Traci @cookiequeenkitschn

OMG, can you tell I LOVED this shoot! Jade totally gets the quirky, fun, bright vibe that I'm all about. I brought balloons & cake & confetti & I loved how we used all the props in a way that feels extra but never tacky. Jade is a star!

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