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Seeking photos to build your website, supercharge your sales, showcase your event or share your brilliant small business? I've got you covered.

Jade delivers expectational results that far exceed my expectations. She is a talented, creative, forward-thinker and has the wonderful ability to take an idea from conception to execution with ease.

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Hola! I'm Jade // Let's Celebrate Your Story

A bit about me: I'm a photographer, videographer, digital marketer and mum of 3!

I started my career in publishing (Marie Claire, Sydney Morning Herald) then switched to digital as social media manager for Sydney start-up, Shoes of Prey.

I've snapped Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Elle Macpherson - but my favourite clients are small business women who are building their dream.

More recently I've been sharing my social know-how through my Instagram account @hipstermumsocial - where I offer practical tips on personal branding, digital marketing, Instagram and more to help you supercharge your business!


Where do you service?

I service locations in Sydney or Canberra.

If you have another area in mind, reach out to see if we can make it work.

What's your rate?

All shoots include UNLIMITED access to images or video footage.

Group Personal Branding sessions start from $749 + GST.

Solo shoots start from $1648 + GST.

Video shoots start from $1999 + GST.

Invoicing is done following the shoot once final assets are shared.

What's included in your personal branding package?

My personal branding photography packages include:

• Planning and run sheet collaboration
• UNLIMITED high res imagery
• 30 fully retouched shots
• 4 hour shoot time
• Display Gallery with social sharing
• High and web res via Dropbox
• Your business shared to my followers (30.4K)

When are you available?

We'll collaborate via Google doc to determine timelines for the shoot & for your deliverables.

How does a typical shoot work?

1. We start collaborating via Google doc. This is where you share your brief, deliverables, references, outfit ideas, specs and deadlines.

2. We bounce ideas & work out the best date & location for the shoot.

3. We have a Zoom chat & map out the run sheet for the day, scoping out which shots + outfits are the priority.

4. We meet up & make it happen! Too easy!

5. Within the next 7 days, ALL your images are loaded to an online Gallery for review. I will also issue your invoice, due on receipt.

6. You are welcome to choose your 30 selects to be fully retouched (ideally you make these selects within 14 days).

7. Once I receive your selects & you have processed the invoice, I will deliver your final images within 14 days.

8. You are also welcome to UNLIMITED unretouched shots - just let me know if you want them all!

9. If you are happy for me to do so, I would love to share and showcase your photos and business following the shoot too. We rise together!

Do you help with locations & styling?

Yes! I help with all aspects of the shoot - from mood boarding & concepts to sourcing locations & advising on clothing.

We do this through a collaborative Google doc over time, so that we have a concrete run sheet & plan on the actual shoot date.

Can I get gifs?

Yes! As part of my Solo Shoot package in studio ($1648 + GST) I offer Custom Video Gifs as an add-on! We can capture 5 - 10+ gifs & the rate is $199 + GST.

These gifs can be immediately used on your Stories via the cut & paste method.

They can also be added to your Giphy brand channel to become searchable via Instagram for anyone to use in their Stories.

You can see examples of these types of gifs used on my Stories & one of my long term clients, Avarcas Australia.

How are you different from other photographers?

Well, I offer UNLIMITED images in all my shoots as a given.

But to put it honestly, I care.

I care about helping you look amazing. I care about taking awesome photos. I care about elevating the experience - from the preparation to the actual to shoot to the final visuals on screen.

This means that we work TOGETHER on the shoot as much as you want. Sourcing locations, assisting with outfits, collaborating with visual references.

On the shoot day I will tell you EXACTLY where to put your hands, where to look, how to move in front of the camera to bring your vision to life.

As a woman & a mum of 3, I KNOW how challenging it is to step in front of the camera. I also know how VITAL it is an online world to have modern, professional photos of yourself. Work with me, you're not doing it alone.

Group or solo: what's the Difference?

Group shoots are 60min sessions, useful as a top-up for someone who already has a website & branding — & simply needs new shots to update LinkedIn, supercharge a course launch, podcast or new social campaign.

The Group Shoots have a specific look - bright, creative, modern professional - that will be the same for each participant.

They are not suitable for getting a bespoke personal branding look, bringing to life concepts or more than 2 outfits.

Do you do video?

Yes! You can see lots of examples of videos on the Video page! I also offer Video + Photo Shoot Packages - where we can capture both kind of assets in a one-day shoot.

Video shoots require more intensive planning, shooting & editing than photo shoots - but the results are even more magical!

My video shoot rates start from 1999 + GST. We collaborate via Google doc & this rate includes UNLIMITED raw clips from the shoot.

Contact me to get started!


Traci @cookiequeenkitschn

OMG, can you tell I LOVED this shoot! Jade totally gets the quirky, fun, bright vibe that I'm all about. I brought balloons & cake & confetti & I loved how we used all the props in a way that feels extra but never tacky. Jade is a star!

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